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2014 schedule will be posted in September.


TheGrill 2013 Schedule

Monday, September 23, starting at 3pm:

  • Aereo and the Challenge to Broadcast TV
    Chet Kanojia, Founder & CEO, Aereo
    Moderator: Sharon Waxman
  • Financing Innovation – What’s Working for Investors and Entrepreneurs
    Dana Settle, Partner, Greycroft
    Daniel Timmons, Senior Vice President, Co-Head Entertainment Industries Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Mike Jones, CEO, Science, Inc.
    Moderator: Brent Lang
  • How to Build a Streaming Audience off of YouTube
    Keith Richman, CEO, Break Media
    Moderator: Lucas Shaw
  • FX, FXX and the Rise of Cable
    John Landgraf, CEO, FX Networks
    Moderator: Sharon Waxman
  • Opening Cocktail Reception
    Sponsored by Warner Brothers
  • Opening Dinner
    Sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Spotlight Interview: Bill Maher, Creator & Host, “Real Time with Bill Maher”
    Moderator: Sharon Waxman

Tuesday September 24, starting at 8am:

  • Networking Breakfast
  • Reimagining the Newsroom
    Larry Kramer, Publisher, USA Today
    Moderator: Brent Lang
  • Hollywood and Social Media
    Oliver Luckett, theAudience
    Moderator: Lucas Shaw
  • Crowdfunding and the Movies: The New Money Model
    Milana Rabkin, Digital Media Agent, UTA
    Danae Ringelmann, co-founder, Indiegogo
    Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg, Producers, “Wish I Was Here”
    Moderator: Sharon Waxman
  • New Production Presentations
    Fan TV, ToyTalk
  • The Future of Sports Media
    John Skipper, President, ESPN
    Moderator: Sharon Waxman
  • Research Presentation: Entertainment Research is Broken – Here’s Why
    Vincent Bruzzese, CEO, Worldwide Motion Picture Group

    Lunchtime Moderated Roundtables
    Sponsored by Worldwide Motion Picture Group
    Vincent Bruzzese, CEO, Worldwide Motion Picture Group:
    - “Entertainment Research is Broken – Here’s Why”
    Steve Shannon, GM, Content & Services, Roku:
    - “Streaming is the Future of TV”
    Oren Jacob, CEO, ToyTalk:
    - “Creating Conversation with Character”

  • The Revolution in Online Video and the Rise of Maker
    Ynon Kreiz, Maker Studios
    Moderator: Lucas Shaw
  • Technology Meets Higher Education: Two Models That Break the Mold
    Steve Poizner, CEO, EmpoweredU
    Mika Salmi, CEO, CreativeLIVE
    Moderator: Brent Lang
  • Spotlight Interview: Julie Bowen, Actress, ‘Modern Family’
    Moderator: Joseph Kapsch
  • Afternoon Break
  • How to Use TV to Drive the Internet – And Vice Versa
    Ben Silverman, CEO, Electus
    Moderator: Sharon Waxman
  • Netflix Rules – But What’s Next for Streaming
    Ted Sarandos, CCO, Netflix
    Moderator: Brent Lang
  • Innovators Panel: Meet the Folks We’ll All Be Working For in 10 Years
    David Hayes, Entertainment Evangelist, Tumblr
    Rich Raddon, Co-Founder, ZEFR
    Matt Mazzeo, Partner, Lowercase Capital
    Moderator: Lucas Shaw
  • Closing Rooftop Cocktail Reception