Speaker Profile – Robert Goldberg

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Rob has spent many years building ideas into companies at the connection point where the business side of the creative world meets the creative side of the business world. He is an entrepreneur by default, by design and by delovely. Rob is currently the Founder and CEO of Fresno Inc. Prior to the creation of Fresno, Rob was the GM of Topps Digital Services, a business unit that was created when he sold the company he founded, GMG Entertainment, to The Topps Company in 2011. Prior to GMG Entertainment, Rob was the CEO of Gold Marketing Group, an entertainment marketing firm, and spent 7 years as an executive growing LAUNCH Media before it was sold to Yahoo! and became Yahoo! Music. Rob’s entrepreneurial spirit began early when at age 22 he was founder and CEO of the llizwe Trading Company, a youth-focused footwear and apparel company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rob has a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin Madison, which qualified him to be a bartender.