BANKEX, Chief Commercial Officer

Syed S. Hussain

Syed S. Hussain is a highly innovative global executive, thought leader, advisor, investor, and serial entrepreneur.
He currently serves as the Chief Commercial Officer for BANKEX – a top 50 fintech company that is leveraging blockchain technology to build the ‘Internet of Assets’ – where he is responsible for global sales, marketing, partnerships
and the overall client experience.

Syed has gained a diverse set of experiences across a variety of industries, such as financial services, software & tech, life sciences, and distribution, while also launching multiple ventures throughout the process, which included a number of successful exits. Throughout his career, he has worn multiple hats, including as Director of Digital Transformation, Head
of Analytics, Executive Director, Chief Information Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chief Strategy

Syed is a mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiast who lives in New Jersey with his wife and three kids.