Speaker Profile- Luke Xiang

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Mr. Luke Xiang is the Vice President of  WeYing and is now in charge of commercialization and overseas expansion for WePiao, the company’s online movie ticketing platform. After receiving his master’s degree from the University of Science and Technology of China, Mr. Xiang successively served a series of companies, including P&G Euro/China, 20th Century Fox, Google, Mtime, Qoros, and COFCO, covering FMCG, media, manufacture, internet industries. As the former chief representative of 20th Century Fox China, Mr. Xiang was responsible for developing strategic plans for film import, and distribution marketing for both theatrical and home entertainment. Founded in  2014,  WeYing  is China’s leading and fastest growing mobile-internet- based platform that provides marketing and ticketing services for films, showbiz, exhibitions, and sports games. It covers 500 cities, connects 5500 domestic cinemas, and 1200 theatres and stadiums in China.  The platform connects with 1 billion social media customers through Wechat ,QQ and mobile APPs in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.  Weying provides marketing and distribution service to over 200 films, 90% of major releases in 2015 in China,  co-distributed 40 films which generated 1.5 billion USD box office. In China, one out of every three movie tickets is sold by WeYing.  Weying also offers production, data service and investment for the industry to build up eco-systems in films, showbiz and sports industry.