Field Producer, "Life Below Zero"

Crofton Diack

Crofton Diack has been a field producer with Life Below Zero from the very first episode in some of the harshest conditions any team has experienced while filming the show. Crofton spent years as a river guide and instructor for Outward Bound. It is here where she learned her skills to navigate harsh climates, demanding environments and claustrophobic tent life. These skills would translate into becoming a camera operator and producer for documentary films and Docu-series. Crofton’s films have won at Sundance and Peabody. When not living under the aurora borealis, feeding a team of sled dogs wild salmon from the Yukon river, you can find Crofton back at home in Portland Oregon living the life of a bacon loving vegan. “Working for Life Below Zero has been one of the greatest, thrilling and sometimes scariest experiences of my life. And I would not change a thing. It has been an amazing, absolutely amazing experience. My coworkers are incredible and the places I get to go to and film are out of this world.”