CEO, Dear Media

Michael Bosstick

Michael Bosstick is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Dear Media Podcast Network. Previously Michael built businesses in the direct to consumer retail, aviation, fashion, and wellness space and was an early adapter to digital media helping brands build and scale online. Through these ventures he has participated as an operator, founder, marketer, and investor. In early 2016 with his wife Lauryn, Michael co-hosts The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast which recently hit 70 Million unique downloads/listens world wide making it one of the top podcasts in the world. The idea for Dear Media was sparked after Michael & Lauryn bootstrapped, self produced, hosted, & monetized their popular Podcast. This experience led Michael to believe in the future of podcast audio as a platform to launch brands and media properties.

After 25 episodes Michael & Lauryn moved their show to a prominent podcast network to scale the show. It was clear early on in the partnership that the network and previous landscape of audio did not understand how to marry audio to digital channels while capturing new revenue and growth opportunities.The couple went back to self producing and carved a new way to podcast, paving the way for Dear Media’s business model. After analyzing the space Michael and Lauryn realized there was very little female representation in the podcast arena. Aiming to change this Michael partnered with Digital Brand Architects and created the Dear Media podcast network. Dear Media is the first and leading podcast network focused on female voices, audiences, and narratives. With close to 40 shows under management and growing Dear Media is changing the podcast/audio landscape and amplifying female voices. Dear Media is also changing the way talent interacts in this medium. Dear Media’s business model brings opportunity not only to podcast channels but any channel that touches a talent’s brand.

As an operator Michael understands audio from the ground up and from multiple perspectives. As someone who has hosted, produced, marketed, managed & now sold multiple shows in the 7 figure range, there is no component of podcast audio that Michael is not well versed in.